Festival Camping Covered

Festival Camping Covered

Festival fever has well and truly kicked in and that means one thing – pitching a tent and embracing camping life for the next few nights. Festival fan or not, camping is a popular choice for an affordable summer get-away. So whether it’s hitting up music festivals or simply a camping adventure, here’s how Wild & Wolf can assist:


Gentlemen’s Hardware Food Flask

Make campfire mealtimes easier with the Gentlemen’s Hardware Steel Food Flask. It provides a serving dish and cutlery in one, as well as keeping food heated. The fold-away spoon fits neatly within the secure screw top lid. Up to 500ml of food, such as soup, casserole or stew can be stored making it easily transportable. Perfect for preparing food before a trip to have at hand when needed, or heating up a campfire meal and serving it in this flask. Appropriately designed with the Gentlemen’s Hardware ‘The Adventure Begins’ logo.     


Happy Jackson ‘Hello Hotness’ Flask

It’s not easy making a cup of tea or coffee with a campfire. With the Happy Jackson ‘Hello Hotness’ flask, drinks can be easily transported and kept hot. Up to 300ml of a favourite beverage can be kept fresh in this flask, ideal for taking on a trip away from the tent or drinking around the campfire. The bright two tone colour flask features an amusing Happy Jackson phrase “Hello Hotness” and the lid doubles up perfectly as a serving cup. 


Ridley’s Games Room Quiz Compendium

Provide some campfire entertainment with the Ridley’s Games Room Quiz Compendium. For a night around the campfire or rainy day stuck in the tent, the quizzes are guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. Made up of four classic Ridley’s Games Room quizzes – Pop Music, General Knowledge, Movie Buff and Brain Teasers – there’s something to test everyone’s knowledge. All quizzes are stored in one compact box, making it easy to pack in a backpack.

Orla Kiely Enamel Mugs

Enamelware is the fashionable answer to serving drinks or food outside. These lightweight, colourful mugs from Orla Kiely feature her retro-inspired 70s Oval Flower print in four different colours – sold separately. A stylish yet practical product to enjoy a hot beverage around the campfire.

Happy Jackson ‘Hello Lovely Money’ Coin Purse

A small coin purse is ideal for a festival or camping trip, to avoid carrying loads of cash and cards around and once and keeping luggage light. Happy Jackson’s “Hello Lovely Money” purse stands out in bold glossy red, making it easy to keep an eye on in a busy crowd! The quote suitably reads “let’s go have some fun” perfect for a trip or festival.

 Tatty Devine Gin Water Bottle

Gin or water, whichever the preference, Tatty Devine have created the ultimate water bottle and cover for drinks! The plastic bottle holds up to 600ml of liquid and fits neatly in the original, playful design cover. Inspired by one of Tatty Devine’s iconic jewellery designs, the cover can also be used as an individual bag to make a fashion statement. The unique bottle and cover combo is easy to carry, especially for festivals and adds a fun accessory to outfits.


Stanley Wash Kit Roll

Everyday hygiene routines are very different when living in a tent. From a morning wet-wipe ‘wash’ to brushing teeth with the help of a bottle of water. However, everyday essentials such as deodorant and toothpaste need a home whilst camping. The Stanley Wash Kit Roll is compact, easily transportable and offers a generous amount of storage space. Made up of three large internal zipped compartments, the bag neatly folds together securing with a leather buckle and also features a hanging hook to display the open bag. 


Happy Jackson Hand Sanitisers

A festival and camping essential to feel fresh and clean. Happy Jackson’s 60ml hand sanitisers are the perfect size to keep in a bag or pocket but enough to see through the weekend. There’s a choice of two cheerful designs reading “Yay! I’m fresh and clean and Awesome!” and “Even good girls get their hands dirty!” which both have a refreshing scent of cucumber and mint. A crucial hygiene product for after pitching a tent or using a portaloo, the sanitiser will leave hands cleansed, soft and scented.