Behind The Scenes At Our Orla Kiely Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes At Our Orla Kiely Photoshoot

So here it is, our biggest launch of the season has been unveiled! After months in the making, Orla Kiely’s Spring/Summer takeover of unique stationery, pretty homeware pieces and floral enhanced gardening accessories is now available. Many will have seen the new collections at both Top Drawer and Spring Fair in January and coming soon is an entire Orla Kiely catalogue. 

Rewind two weeks and we’re en route to London for two days of photographing the new range. Taking place in Orla’s Clapham based apartment of design dreams. Decked out in Orla Kiely prints and products, completed with 70s Oval Flower kitchen tiles, flooring and cushions. Every finishing touch fitted in with the retro inspired vibe.

After giving the new mugs, placemats and plant pots (to name a few) a new home it was time to shoot. It was a perfect day for a photoshoot, with the sun shining through the wall length windows the room was instantly filled with colour and pattern. 

The ultimate breakfast table set-up was created with new placemats, ceramic butter dish and teapot. Spring had certainly arrived, with the new kitchenware featuring Bonnie Bunny, Hen and of course floral themed prints such as Linear Stem and 70s Oval Flower.

Ceramic storage pots and utensil pots in Orla’s classic Multi Stem print and retro-inspired favourite 70s Oval Flower brightened up kitchen worktops and instantly made the apartment look lived in and inviting. A range of looks can be created with the new matching print items, such as the ceramic 70s Oval Flower teapot and milk jug both in yellow colourway which created the most stylish tea set-up.

The products speak for themselves, but an important part of any photoshoot are the props. We packed the car with ‘essentials’ from plants and herbs to coffee and wooden utensils! Mixing and matching the colourways and print for different shots proved that the products complement each other in style and design. 

Stationery pieces including storage files, notebooks and wooden accessories brightened up rustic wooden shelving and reflected the desirable trends seen in interior magazines. Adding some décor to the shelves were the new plant pots and garden accessories - showing that the plant pots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The enamel pots added a burst of summer into the home with plant greenery complementing the blue and green hues on the pot prints.

It was soon time to leave the world of Orla we had delved in to for the past two days. But this is just the beginning for the colourful collection. The new lifestyle pieces combined with the location created an apartment that interior dreams are made of and it won’t be long before the statement products are enhancing dining tables, desks and gardens everywhere.